November 3, 2012

Gratitude {omaha family photographer}

November, the month of gratitude.  What a perfect time to tell you all about this special session.

Right in the middle of this busy fall photography season, I’ll admit, I was in need of some artistic inspiration.  And, just as I admitted that to myself, I got a call from a wonderful client and friend requesting something different.  She had pulled pictures of clothing and images that she liked.  One image in particular was one of the Kennedy family from years ago, an image I’d never seen before.  And, as we worked our way up to the session, she continued sending inspiration my way.  And, I knew I was going to attempt something that I hadn’t done before.  And, I was elated.

Confident in my studio lighting abilities, I wasn’t afraid of capturing the raw images.  But, editing them in a new style was giving me palpitations.  I contacted my photoshop mentor, Michelle Kane, and asked if she’d help me with this session.  And, because she is just the sweetest person, she said yes.  I sent Michelle a handful of raw images and she worked her magic, teaching me and giving several different “looks” for each image.  Michelle has created a palette of powerful and customizable photoshop “actions” for photographers, all for styling our photos.  And, what’s better, is that once you’re familiar with how they work, they can be combined to develop endless custom looks….literally thousands of possibilities.  I literally own every action that Michelle offers.  If you are not a photographer, and would like to see how hand editing works, you can see a video from Michelle’s blog here.  (If you are a photographer, she has so many awesome video tutorials on her blog, I highly recommend checking it out.)  I, like many other custom photographers, hand edit my photos.  Each one is treated individually and it’s quite the process.  A 30 minute session can easily take 2-3 hours to fully edit.

So, I’m extra excited to share these images.  This beautiful family, triplets and one singlet, were the perfect prescription for my seasonal ailment.  I could point out many, MANY, things about why they are perfect for this session.  First, their Mom didn’t necessarily want smiley images.  These are moody soulful images.  Second, and this is a biggie, is that they are dressed absolutely perfectly.  Layers of soft, draped, textured clothes.  These kids look comfortable and super stylish.  Notice, no pressed collars or Sunday best.  They look great and totally natural, which I know Molly worked hard creating.  She hit it out of the park!  And a HUGE (huge isn’t even a big enough word) thank you to Michelle Kane for her endless inspiration.  These two ladies pushed me outside of my artistic box and I sincerely appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.




  1. Oh, this is Kristen Reed 🙂

  2. Linda, These are amazing! You should submit them to….something, someone, somewhere!! lol
    They are BEAUTIFUL children and your artwork of them is just plain awesome! 😉

  3. Lynn, thanks for the nice words! These are all studio light.

  4. Love these:). Is this natural or studio lighting?

  5. Stunning! Came over from fb, mk post

  6. These are fantastic! I wish I had a studio and super chic clients like this! You did an amazing job, Linda!!

  7. glowing friend here!

  8. Very cool, as usual you never cease to amaze me. You have grown so much. I am very proud of you my friend!

  9. Linda, we can’t thank you enough for your hard work, and keen eye. We loved our session, and now have these treasured pictures. Awesome.