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Linda and June
Linda and June

Welcome!  We are excited that you have stopped by our website to learn more about us and what we do.  Linda is the sole photographer at Linda Gentry Photography, based in Omaha Nebraska.    Each image captures the heart, essence, and individuality of her subjects.  Linda’s hope is that her images stir up emotion and excitement within those who view her work.  You will not find her images to be posed or staged, instead they’ll be buzzing with the energy of her wonderful subjects.  Her view of a “perfect” portrait is one that highlights the zest of each individual and embraces imperfection as it’s a fabulous part of each one of us.

Linda’s photography style matches that of her own; clean, crisp, modern, and ever evolving!  Her passion for photography is matched by her passion for children and showcasing the unique relationships that exist within families.

This passion for children, families, and capturing these wonderful relationships escalated when Linda became a mom.  Since then, she has developed her photography skill through mentoring programs, seminars, workshops, conferences and immersing herself in the creative world of photography.  She believes strongly in both her personal passion and creative touch as well as the importance to learn, grow, and adapt in this ever changing and exciting world called PHOTOGRAPHY!

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